Friday, November 30, 2007

Nature Pics

I bundled up the other day and went out in the woods to take some nature photos. It's been getting very cold here, bbrrrr...I really do not like the cold. Alan went with me so I wouldn't get lost :D Taking a "time-out" to enjoy nature is definitely worth it--I highly recommend it to everyone. Just make sure you dress for the weather. Even if its just 10 minutes, go outside and really look at all the beauty that is there. Hope you enjoy these:


MattDJ said...

So true Deb. There's nothing like getting out there in the cold, even if just for a few minutes.

I think I might go do that right now. :-)

Ema said...

Love these Deb! Love your new profile pic too! :)

Glitter Monkey said...

Absolutely breathtaking pics. Feel like I was there with you! Lol x