Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Light Workshop

So, for a couple months now I've been reading about this great photographer, Zack Arias, who offers fantastic workshops on lighting. I've been checking his site ( periodically to see where he would be presenting. A couple weeks back he added Detroit to his schedule for April. Well, I kept putting off signing up because it was months away. Last night I checked the site to see how many spots were left and there was one. Yes, that's right ONE!! I couldn't believe it. I dashed off an email to register. I was hoping that no one got their email in before me. It was 7p.m. at night so I really didn't expect to hear from them until today. To my complete suprise my phone rang 30 minutes later and it was Meghan with One Light calling to tell me I got the last spot. I started doing my happy dance around the house with the news. My poor family thought I had finally lost my mind. I'm so excited about this opportunity to learn from Zack Arias and just had to share my excitement with all my friends. If your interested in attending one of Zack's workshops check out his site...he offers workshops all over the U.S. :D


Heidi said...

This sounds very exciting!! I'm so happy for you that you were able to get a spot!!

J Castro said...

I am so dying to go to one of Zack's workshops. You are a lucky gal!


Mike said...

Hi Deb, thanks for the comments on our blog! Great pictures you have here! Zack is great! I have not had a chance to take the one-light even though his studio is just down the road. If you can take the Mike Colon intensive, that would be awesome. Its probably the one that I absolutely would love to get in on at some point!

Lori Barbely Photography said...

Jealous! I've been dying to take Zack's workshops! I did get to meet him while he was here in Orlando and he's such a cool guy!