Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Warning: This post is photo heavy :)

Went to NYC for the 4th of July.

Here's the craziness of Times Square. Some thoughts about this area is that it is busy, busy, busy and incredibly filthy--we were shocked and appalled by how dirty it was in this area.

Tall buildings, big signs, and lots of people:

Had to see the Toys-R-Us in Times Square. We heard there was a ferris wheel IN the store. Sure enough as soon as you walk in the door you see it. Emma thought it was so cool to have a ferris wheel inside the store. She wanted to ride, but the line was horrible and I'm just not patient enough to wait.
Lots of big Lego figures in the Toys-R-Us store:

Did I mention how much I enjoy ABBA and I'm looking forward to the movie---seen this sign at Times Square...

The kids had their carictures drawn by a street vendor--he done a great job....

Yep, had to go to the M&M store:
Happy to find a pressed penny machine at the M&M store (these are the cheapest souveniers--51 cents--yea!!)
We found a mood machine at the M&M store. You stand on a mat under a funnel looking thing and the machine will determine what your color mood is.....after it told your color it gave a personality description.

O.k. I think the boys only participated cause we nagged them into it.
Doesn't Dylan look thrilled

Rockefeller building:

Flower vendors in Chelsea
Chelsea Flea Market in the rain. It poured on Saturday. By the time we found umbrellas we were close to being soaked.

Ah yes....never far from a Starbucks even at the street market.

Littlest car we seen in NYC


Kari said...

Hey Deb, I was wondering how your trip went! Looks like you had a great time! BTW, my kids feel the same way about having their picture taken too!

Shannon said...

New York...
seriously no place like it!
We went a year ago and I'm dying to return!
LOVED the ferris wheel in Toys R Us!!