Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cape Cod/Plymouth

More pics from Cape Cod. Twisty, curvey roads on the Cape. On Saturday there was a lot of fog.

Shopping in the tip of the Cape. Lots of "grammy traps" (ie: touristy shopping)

We were in Provincetown on Saturday. The boats were being prepared for the Blessing of the Fleet that was taking place on Sunday.

We went out on a whale watch cruise (didn't see any whales--darn it!). However, I snapped this on the way back into the harbor
On Sunday we stopped by the infamous Cuffy's. Home of the buy 3 tshirts get 9 free. Yes, you read that correctly. 9 free shirts when you buy 3 and suprisingly the 3 that you have to buy don't cost a ransom. I spent approx $50 on all 12 nice quality tshirts. Not to bad for souveniers.

Lighthouse along the coast (I'm pretty sure its Chatham)--we found some free 30 minute parking here along the beach (free parking at the beach--who knew)
Cool snails at the beach--found quite a few of these critters.
Lavender farm in Harwich---so yummy smelling...
Herb farm in Harwich. Lots of great items here and beautiful gardens.
On the way back from the Cape we stopped by Plymouth. I wanted Emma to see Plymouth Rock. Well, little did we know that there is serious construction going on around the rock so it was sorta closed off. If you were willing to climb down some rocks along the shore you could peek through the construction area to see it. Emma and I climbed down....Here's what we seen:

Not much too look at really and kinda small. Here's what the construction looks like from the beach side. Looks like the rock is in jail.

Here's a look at the construction from the street side.

Lots more to post soon....

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