Thursday, July 3, 2008

Newport, RI

On Monday night we went down to Newport, RI. This town is located in the southern part of the state and, as you can see, sits right on the ocean. There is this wonderful road called Ocean Dr and it is exactly that. It goes right along the coast for quite a while. At one section of the drive there is a very large parking lot so that you can pull over and enjoy the view. The ocean was a bit rough when we were visiting, which makes for fun photos of water crashing over the rocks. I wanted to show you how close the road is in relation to the ocean. Very cool!
This is the breakwall that keeps the ocean from washing away the road. At one part of the road the waves were hitting the breakwall so hard it was coming up onto the road. You can see all the seaweed and debris on the sidewalk that the ocean is throwing over the wall. Now for those of you that live in coastal communities this is probably no big deal. However, Emma and I got the biggest kick out of this. Ooohhing and Aaahing over the biggest splashes.

Private golf course. I immediately thought two things when I saw this. 1.) Nice clubhouse and 2.) It would be great to shoot a wedding here
Had dinner at the Brick Alley--very good food.
Here's a peak at the inside
There are some seriously nice cars on the East Coast. It's nothing to see the Jags, BMW, Mercedes, etc. Then we seen this Ferrari. Beautiful red and it purred like a kitten, it was a wonderful sound. Took this just for Dylan. That car was simply gorgeous!
We are off to NYC for the 4th of July weekend. We are only staying in the city one night. The expense for a hotel is outrageous (almost as much as our house payment for ONE NIGHT!!!!) Makes me sick. I have spent endless hours searching for a hotel, but nothing is cheap enough so its one night only for this crew. Thinking about stopping in Mystic, CT on the way back to RI.
~~Wishing everyone a wonderful 4th of July~~Check back for more photos next week.

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Up North Chic said...

I bet it would be scary to drive the ocean side road during a heavy storm. Cool to watch the waves crashing over though. Have a Happy 4th. Enjoy your time in NY.