Tuesday, August 5, 2008


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Engagement: Eric + Sarah

It was so much fun photographing Eric & Sarah's engagement photos. It was so great to hang out with them. We found all kinds of fun places to take photos!

I'm really looking forward to the wedding :)

Here's a few of my favorites:

Here is some yummy evening light. I love shooting at this time...this was around 8:30 p.m.

Sneak Peek: Eric + Sarah

What an amazing time last night taking Eric and Sarah's engagement photos. Here's just one....more to be posted soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I attended the SWMCCC photo workshop in Holland on Saturday. Most of the day was spent attending model shoots. I spent the morning at the beach, btw Holland State Park is beautiful, and then the afternoon on indoor shots. The water wasn't real warm at the beach, but these guys and gals were pros and handled the cool water very well.

Here's some of my favorites:

A HUGE thank you to all the models that donated their time for the photo shoots :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New England

Here's more pictures I have to share from our New England trip. I'm a bit fascinated by history and old cemeteries. This cemetery is located on the campus of Bryant University. There are old, old tombstones here. Unbelievably, someone still puts flags at some of the graves (these are dated in the 1800's). The graveyard is overrun with weeds and isn't maintained. However, it was very interesting to wander around.

The entrance to the cemetery:
Bryant University in the background:
I found it interesting that a woman's gravestone had "wife of" and "daughter of" on her marker. The makers of these markers done an extrodinary job. This one is from 1842...166 years old!!

A lot of the markers were small and buired under the weeds. This one caught my attention because of the flower detail at the top.
Only initials--no idea who this person was. There were a few markers throughout with only initials on them.
We were able to go to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA--Great museum, if you ever have the opportunity I highly recommend that you go!
This is a seashell wedding dress designed by a local of the area.

One of my favorite pics of Emma from the trip. We are in one of the galleries at the museum.
While visiting Salem we took the opportunity to go on a Ghost Tour. I liked it the kids thought is was boring. We traveled, by foot, around the town by lantern light.
Moon during the walk.
Look what we found on our way to the airport:
Well, here's how my kids really feel about having a family photo done...again. They were so tired of hearing "hey lets all stand her and let Aunt Dee take a picture of us" (big thanks to Dee for always being willing to take those pictures)--thats the wonderful Boston skyline in the back:

One of the best things we done while visiting Boston was going to see Blue Man Group. Definitely one of the highlights of our visit to New England

I don't know how this happens. When we left for New England I had one, yes ONE, suitcase plus carry-on. When we left our bags were bulging PLUS we had to borrow a big bag from Dee to get everything back home. I swear, scouts honor, I bought only a few items while visiting. However, I think the kids found lots of goodies to bring home. These were all packed into a Saturn Vue...4 large checked bags, 4 carryons, and an overnight bag for Dee. I was shocked that it all fit.

That's all for now......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Warning: This post is photo heavy :)

Went to NYC for the 4th of July.

Here's the craziness of Times Square. Some thoughts about this area is that it is busy, busy, busy and incredibly filthy--we were shocked and appalled by how dirty it was in this area.

Tall buildings, big signs, and lots of people:

Had to see the Toys-R-Us in Times Square. We heard there was a ferris wheel IN the store. Sure enough as soon as you walk in the door you see it. Emma thought it was so cool to have a ferris wheel inside the store. She wanted to ride, but the line was horrible and I'm just not patient enough to wait.
Lots of big Lego figures in the Toys-R-Us store:

Did I mention how much I enjoy ABBA and I'm looking forward to the movie---seen this sign at Times Square...

The kids had their carictures drawn by a street vendor--he done a great job....

Yep, had to go to the M&M store:
Happy to find a pressed penny machine at the M&M store (these are the cheapest souveniers--51 cents--yea!!)
We found a mood machine at the M&M store. You stand on a mat under a funnel looking thing and the machine will determine what your color mood is.....after it told your color it gave a personality description.

O.k. I think the boys only participated cause we nagged them into it.
Doesn't Dylan look thrilled

Rockefeller building:

Flower vendors in Chelsea
Chelsea Flea Market in the rain. It poured on Saturday. By the time we found umbrellas we were close to being soaked.

Ah yes....never far from a Starbucks even at the street market.

Littlest car we seen in NYC